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Let’s learn the Scottish slang/accent!


The Thistle, Scottish national flower (image taken from

Hello there lads and lassies (from the word lad and lass, meaning boys and girls)! It’s been a while since I’ve talked abou’ (about) Sco’land (Scotland), the land of bagpipes and kilts. This time around, I would like ta (to) address ta all of you some Sco”ish (Scottish) slang/accent! It’s been many many years since I spoke the slang, so I’ve forgo”en (forgotten) some of i’ (it) though. Actually, I shouldne (shouldn’t) be the one introducing this slang/accent, since I am not Sco”ish, and I couldne (couldn’t) speak the pure slang too, bu’ (but) just take this post as a beginners course in the Sco”ish slang, alrai’ (alright)!

In the United Kingdom, it is said that the more north ye (you) go, the more friendlier the people are. Aye, that’s righ’ (right)! Sco”ish lads are a friendly lot, maybe it is in their culture, bu’ (but) I think ya hafta (you have to) understand their slang to apprecia’e (appreciate) their culture more! You’ve probably realize by now tha’ (that) the Sco”ish accent omits most of de (the) le”er (letter) ‘T’ in their sen’ences (sentences), especially when the ‘T’ is in the middle or at the end of a word.

I think this is the biggest iden’i’y (identity) tha’ de Sco”ish accent has. The le”er ‘T’ is kinda silent. Tha’ is how they also say po’e’o (potato) or tome’o (tomato). There are some exceptions though, like the word ‘silent’, or ‘most’, or ‘understand’, cause i’ (it) is hard ta say i’ withou’ the ‘T’. Kinde (kind of) awkward (and funny) a’ (at) first, bu’ (but) if ya prac’ice hard, ya will become used ta i’!

There are also some fancy words/phrases tha’ are used in the Sco”ish slang, such as:

– Laddy/Lad = boy

– Lassy/Lass = girl

– Wee = little

– Canny/Danny = cannot/do not

– Whatcha dein? = what are you doing?

– I ken whatcha mean! = I know what you mean!

– Yer en ijak! = Your an idiot!

I couldne (couldn’t) remember others though.

I’ is hard te wri’e down de slang withou’ properly hearing i’ being pronounced, so lets hear some Sco”ish slang in action! Lets hear i’ from non other than, Mister Fergy himself! (Alex Ferguson, the Manchester United manager. Yes, he is Sco”ish!!) Danny (do not) mind if ye canny (cannot) catch who’ (what) he es (is) saying, just hear de intonation!

Actually, his slang has soften a bi’ though, but ye can still hear some Sco”ish slang in his words, like when he says si’uation (0:38), dogou’ (0:42), after he did i’ (0:45), we go”a ge’ this boy (0:56), oh God Almigh’y (1:31), nineteen year old lad (1:47). Isn’t i’ beau’iful!

Lastly, try n (and) remember this phrase. Maybe some Sco”ish lads wouldne (wouldn’t) even understand i’ anyway, bu’ there’s no harm trying!:

Ye be”er ea’ bu”er or I’ll ba”er yer face!

(You better eat butter or I’ll batter (punch) you face!)

There ye go, Sco”ish slang/accent 101! See ya next time around!

P.S.: Me’ some Sco”ish lads in our Sendai International Festival the other day, with kilts and all. Who’ (what) a rare occasion tha’ es (is)! Forgot te take a picture wi’ (with) ’em (them) though. Who’ a silly lad I am!

My junior with two Sco''ish lads (kilt and all) in the Sendai International Festival 2008

My junior with two Sco''ish lads in the Sendai International Festival 2008



  1. i just kindda lov i’..remind me of those day 1st real sco”ish word, ‘am frizzen cold!’

    • btw this site is crap n (and) this guy hinks (thinks) he kin (can) tok (talk) sotish (scottish) and also frizzin cold isny (isnt) scottish ye (you) wid(would) say am freezin cauld.

  2. lol…

    Seriously, i don’t know how to pronounce them..

    i try to make the ‘t’ faded,inaudible , but then the word sounds freak!!

    p/s tgh kco kawan yang pernah dok scotland dgn perkataan2 nih.. huhu.. tq2

  3. Actually, the ‘t’ is somewhat replaced by ‘k’. Like ‘it’ actually becomes ‘ek’, ‘potato’ becomes ‘po-ek-o’, or ‘tomato’ becomes ‘tomek-o’. Sometimes it is silent, sometimes it is pronounced with a ‘k’!

    For what Fergy said, ‘God Almighty’ actually sounds like ‘God Almaik-ey’!

    You can look at some Scok-ish people using their slang in youtube by the way, if you want to here the real pronounciation. Enjoy! 🙂

    • wat are u tokin aboot wae aw yer k’s thts crap btw 😉

  4. slang pun slang lah bro….salam sai be….nanti bila aku free aku akan baca semua apa yg bro tulis….

  5. Nice think that just the other day i was trying to teach one of your kohai the Geordie’s true, the further north you go, the friendlier they get. Apart from ‘lads’ and ‘lasses’, my personal favourite is when your random makcik on the street calls one ‘pet’.

  6. accent la bro, bukan slang.

    and most people in the UK (english, scottish, welsh) talk without the t anyway. a glass of wa’er, bu”er, etc. tgk la little brittain, yer bu’ no bu’ yer bu’.

  7. slang: an informal nonstandard vocabulary composed typically of coinages, arbitrarily changed words, and extravagant, forced, or facetious figures of speech

    accent: to pronounce with accent

    thanks for the info bro. i guess we could use both definitions for the entry. some ARE slangs that you wouldn’t know if you don’t live in Scotland!

    i’ve noticed that people in the UK speak like that too. but i think Scottish lads tend to emphasize on it more! you can spot a Scottish person by the way they talk. uniquely Scottish!

  8. salam ukhuwah..

    how should i say this?i’ve to admit that i don’t remember a lot or should i say MOST of the days we were in edinburgh..but,the opportunity to go there again n see,hear n feel the life there was the most precious thing in my entire life!poor thing u n ibnu ahmad shah couldn’t joined us…

    anyway..keep up the good work bro!

  9. I can’t differentiate English from Scottish..
    how d you do that?

    • In terms of the people, maybe very hard. but the most significant is of course the accent! 😉

  10. To Akamaru: Finally, good te get a comment from a Sco”ish lad!
    Thanks fer da feedback, eventhough I hope ye can cool down on yer language (sorry i had te delete one, because I danny want te stir anythin bad). Ye are a sco”ish lad and deserve te wri’e ’bout yer slang 1000 times more than me. I am wri’ing just by memory, and my memory isny that good! 😀

    I am ge”ing viewers in a daily basis, so I would apprecia’e tha’ ye help me transla’e and advice me on some of the comments!

    Better still, if ye have a sco”ish blog or article ye can give me, I will happily share i’ here. Or if ye yerself want te write an article on i’, i can exchange this article wae i’!


    Sco’land, would want te go there again someday…

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