Posted by: y4ku24 | October 13, 2008

This Month’s Laugh-out-loud: Just bend it around!

Blog update: Hello everyone! This section’s back by popular demand! (it’s my top three most viewed entry so far) Maybe some of you have waited patiently for a month to read this, so I’ll try my best not to disappoint. Actually, after some thought, I wanted to put in a much more funnier true story this month, but since I promised a reader to post this story this month, I will post the other one in December OK? Don’t worry, this one is still laugh-out-loud funny! (Well, at least that was what I did the first time I heard about it)

This one is a true story of my friend. During a few months before SPM*, we had a lot of mock tests, and many of the students slurred at the fact that they have to take the tests while there are so many revisions left to study.

A friend of mine did not like English very much. He will especially have a hard time to compose an essay in the English test, resulting in a not good grade for the subject. So during one test, maybe out of frustration that he could not get a good grade for English, he decided to target certain essays and memorize it before the exam. I canโ€™t quite remember how many essays he memorized, but I remembered that one of them was an essay about `Having a picnic with friends in the woods`. It was a gamble all right. But for him, it was a strategy he is willing to try this time around.

And so, the examination week started. Soon enough, the English paper came up, and eventually, the whole examination week finished. Now, I knew his story and how was his exam after the exam results came up. A good friend of his told me that the English teacher scolded him because of his essay. And not only did he not get good grade, it was his worst. Why?

Well, it so happened that what he predicted to come out did not come out. But his prediction was quite close actually. Instead of `Describe a day when you and your friends had a picnic in the woods`, the essay was `Describe a day at the beach`! Well, this friend of mine, frustrated that he came close to having the highest essay mark in his exams, did a very funny twist to his essay, which he taught he could get away with. The beginning of his essay goes a little like this:

One day, my friends and I went to the beach to have a picnic. But suddenly, there was a big tsunami, and we had to run to a nearby forest to save ourselves. So, we eventually decided to have a picnic in the woods insteadโ€ฆAnd then he went on continuing the essay with what he memorized earlier!!

We all laughed hard when we heard about that story. I bet he was also smiling to himself while writing that essay in the examination hall. Pity the English teacher did not feel the same way. ๐Ÿ™‚


*SPM, Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia: A national high school graduation test in Malaysia. It’s tough!



  1. Haha.Very clever of him!=). I always wandered why teachers cant see the funny sides of things like we do?hehe.
    Nice story though. Keep the funny stories coming ye.

  2. ngahahaha…
    kelak0r sungg0h (bc dlm loghat ganu ye)
    mcm mane la die bleh terpk lagu tuh…
    siap ckp “big tsunami” lg…
    kalo ade sah2 lah xleh picnic even in the w00d..
    sbb dah diangkut by tsunami kut…kui2..
    i wonder kat mane la die ni skarang ek????

    p/s:igt nak jd org first yg komen after wait for a long x berjaye…

  3. Thank you for the comments (good luck next time to be the first! ๐Ÿ˜€ ), and for waiting patiently. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Next month is about myself again, a laugh-out-loud experience in Japan that I will never forget. Till next time! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. a good way to turn the topic. Kalaulah cikgu boleh terima cara tu, mesti markah tinggi…

  5. Salam akhi. Welcome back to Japan.

    It was not just a trick exercised by your friend, even an interviewer from UiTM who was one of the panelist during my JPA face to face confrontation long time ago.

    After we came into agreement that I should be sent to Jordan, the guy said, “I believe that during your first week in Jordan, you wont be able to converse your Arabic. So, by hook or by crook, the only option you have is to speak in English. Now I want to test your English!!!”

    The only thing that came across my mind at that time was, “dah tak reti cakap arab tu, mengaku aje le. banyak pulak alasan nak cakap english ngan aku!”

  6. Kakaka…
    Sabor je lah… Kreatif dengan cara yang tersendiri.

  7. take 5 tok ketawa..ilang ngantuk den…haduih…tp kreatif la gak…cume lari topik hehehe….best entri ni…

  8. kalau sy jd teacher, i’ll give him the highest mark. for creativity. and effort. luckily i’m not the teacher ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. haha poor guy.funny story thou.but hey,this story remind me of another issue in our society..i believe .our education should be more about opening up our minds to new ideas,concepts and liberal in critical thinkings,in stead of memorizing the facts and data for the sake of nak meduduki exam.The problem i think mainly lies in our education system that make students associate books with memorizing facts and figure for exams. (but of course there are exception)

    my 2 cts

  10. adooiii…lucu gila eh…ketawa hampir keluar air mata dibuatnya saat baca “…big tsunami…”. pintar betul!!
    maaf ya saudara. sebenarnya, saya baru jumpa blog ini (awal minggu ni) dan menjadi silent reader. ini adalah komen yang pertama juga… : )
    jadi… selamat bertemu di sini ^__^

  11. salam ukhwah nor. thanks for the comment! jgn segan2 bg komen, sbb mana2 blogger pun lg suka diberi komen, walaupun komen itu tak semestinya sependapat.

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