Posted by: y4ku24 | September 4, 2008

A funny, true story: The driving test and I

What we lack is the ability to laugh at ourselves whenever we acted silly or had a funny accident. Until we could take away this shyness to laugh at ourselves, only then will other people be open about theirs. And only then we would realize that they have their funny/embarrassing moments themselves too, and that they are just like us!

That being said, I would like to share some of my funny moments in life. Hopefully it could make you laugh. If not, then just laugh for the sake of it. It is good for you body anyway.

Here is a story about the time I took my driving license. Enjoy!

Around the early months of the year 2002, after I seated for my SPM, I did what most male ex-SPM candidates do after the exam: I took my driving licence. It was the coolest thing any male ex-SPM candidates could do while waiting for the result. (Well, at least that was the stereotype during that period.)

I took mine at Bangi, around 5-10 minutes drive from the Malaysian Institute of Nuclear Technologies. (Pretty dangerous place to be test driving, huh?) Before the real test, we had to take a written test, which there are around 50 questions and you have to answer correctly around 80% of the questions (I really can’t remember the details, but I think its around that figure). All the candidates prepared themselves for this test, including me, of course. But unbeknown to me, just before the test, there was an eye test, the identification of some colours and number plates.

Readers maybe surprised that I was surprised that there was such a test. Its not that I am illiterate, (or else I wouldn’t have written this blog!) but just by pure bad luck, that very day was the only day that I forgot to bring my glasses. My glasses power is not that high, but still, if I need to read something a little far from me, I would really need them. But this time, since it’s just a written test and there is no driving test whatsoever, I figured that it would not really matter if I did not bring my glasses today.

Now, the fun part starts here. We had to wait in line for our turn to identify the colours and number plates before we can enter the examination room. As I waited in line for my turn, sweating like mad, because there is no where on earth the pakcik (older man) who’s in charge is going to let me through to take the written test, I tried my best to see (and possibly remember) the number plates that was hanging on the other side of the room. But since the line was also the same distance to the wall of colours and number plates, I did not do a good job at it. Is that an O or a D? Is that 8 or 3? Even trying to remember what the candidates before me said wasn’t working. The questions were in random, and there were about 4 different number plates.

Finally, my turn was up. “Minta IC dik, (Give me your Identity Card please)” the pakcik in charge asked. I give him the IC, and he began to jot down the information from my IC to a piece of official paper, while asking me, “Sila bagitau yang atas sekali dan bawah sekali warna apa…(Please tell me the colour of the top and bottom plate…)”. “Merah dan hijau,(Red and green)” I answered, with confidence. I did not have any problem with the colours at all, since I am not colour blind. “Nice first impression,” I said to myself “now comes the hard part…”. “Sila sebutkan number plate yang atas sekali, (Please recite the top number plate)” came the second question. “Um…E, G…C…um…2, 4…8…5” I said, trying to look confident as best as I could, as if what I said was the exact letters and numbers written on that number plate, only to realise half-way that first letter was not an E but a B! Plus, I don’t even know if the others were right or wrong!

I know very well that the pakcik have memorized the whole number plate, so realizing that I flunked even the first letter, I began to doubt whether I can pass through or not. “Tu la ko, padan muka. Sapa suruh tak bawak cermin mata, (You’ve done it this time. Why didn’t you bring your glasses with you!)” I cursed myself. I am going to fail for sure. And because I did not bring my glasses. How embarrassing!

The pakcik looked at me, and then look at my IC card again. “Kamu ni orang Kampung Padang Rengas ye? (You are from Padang Rengas Village)” (Note: I went to a kampong (village) school in Kuala Kangsar during my lower high school days, so I took my kampong’s address as the address for my IC) “Ya,” I replied back, clueless to what that question has to do with anything. “Ok, takpa takpa…(Well OK, you may go…)” the pakcik said with a smile, letting me pass and enter the examination room.

I was shocked and confused for awhile. The same question lingered in my mind. He knew I flunked, so WHY did he let me pass? And why did he ask that last question anyway? Why?

And then it strucked me:


I burst out laughing after the test. In a way, just a pinch offended, but it was all out humorous! Good old pakcik. How nice of him to be considerate of illiterate people. A very nice coincidence too, that I put my kampong address on my IC. At last, it served a purpose. 🙂

Note: Actually, Padang Rengas isn’t that kampong as you might think. Quite a number of people from there have gone abroad to further their studies you know. One even went back with a PhD in mathematics! Kejor yop kejor (kejayaan)! (Strive for the best)

Have any funny story to share? Share it with us! I would be honoured to post it in my blog (of course, with your name on it!)



  1. marah orang padang rengas dibuatnya 🙂

  2. Hahaha. Astaghfirullaah.

    Anta boleh kena banned dari balik kampung tahun ni, sheikh.:D

  3. Hihi. Tu la silap pakcik tu, dia tak tau penduduk kampung padang rengas ramai dah ke overseas! yang dapat phd dalam matematik pun ada! 😀

  4. hehe.tergelak je time bace ni.
    nice entri.ade jugak hikmah letak name kg kat ic tu kn.dpt jugak lesen kete.haha.

  5. Tula, aku pun rasa susah nak cari orang yang illiterate kat malaysia sekarang ni. Kalau orang asli mungkin ada. Kalau kau dressing KL masa tu, pastu cakap slang “manglish”, mesti dia tanya balik, “adik ni rabun ka?”. Haha..

  6. hahaha…
    wat a funny st0ry…
    membuatkan aku n rumate ketawa x henti2…
    p/s: laen kali beli tali gantung spek mate…

  7. akan ada susulan cerita-cerita seperti ini selepas ini. harap setia membaca. 🙂

  8. I have my share of driving test stories.

    I got perfect for the written test.

    Then came the driving test. From the first moment I stepped into the car, the examiner told me to keep the passenger front window open. He said, for fresh air.

    Few minutes later, he fell asleep, until the test was over. I woke him up, and like nothing has happened, he gave me 17/20. Hell, I drove very smooth, in fact, he slept throughout the test proved that.

  9. To zacharias –>

    Heh heh.

    Seen does kinds of incident before. The examiners sleeping. Pitiful!

    During my driving test, a driver who is testing for his large vehicle license panicked during the hill test, and did not push the brake paddle. The lorry reversed and uprooted a tree and also damaged a few Kancil cars!


  10. Oh well, i too wish share my driving test experience…

    Similar to brother Zacharias’s… The second i stepped on the pedal, i asked the invigilator where’s he from… ‘Ambo? Ambo daghi kelate… adik biaso gi kelate?’… (Memo to self: SWEEETTT, here’s my chance.) ‘Tak, saya tak pernah. Dengarnya seronok melawt kelantan… betul ke bang?’

    And he started yapping all the way about his hometown, his childhood, his favourite spots and i had to practically stop him. ‘Alloh, sampa doh… guano, deh? Bereh, 18/20 arrr’.

    I said thanks, and gracefully disembark. heheheh.

  11. ya allah baru perasan..
    aku sorang pompuan yg bg komen kat cni…
    biasenyer aku bc jer without leave any comments…but since i found that story really2 funny…tgn ni gatal nak drop komen..

  12. thank you for being the first female to post a comment here. 🙂
    stick around for some more (true) funny jokes similar to this. 😀
    i can also enter yours if you want, under one condition (for quality purposes): i have to laugh at it first! 😀

    next month will be about a friend of mine and his SPM test!

    Salam Ramadhan

  13. ok…
    i will wait 4 ur next st0ry…
    and u know i also hav bad experience not funny k….about driving test…
    u know i failed 3 times ( don laugh at me k..)…its really a true story…
    when i take license in trg…don know why…but i just did simple mistake…
    than the tester said “kandas “..the word that i hate to hear…
    at the end i become phobia to take lisence at my place…
    finally i take at kl although i know the road busy than trg…
    i only hav 4 hours to remember the road.can u imagine!!!!
    and u know…i pass very easy…( allah mudahkan urusan sayer )
    i don know why i cant pass easily when i did in trg…may b ade hikmah…only GOD know…
    or tester in trg very2 skema…
    my fren said may b bcoz i did not said assalamualaikum n I Love u to tester…huhuhu
    eeee why should i do that..
    huh…i don want to remember it again..
    an experiance i wil never 4get in my life…
    ok for u keep on writting especially about “membedah” buku…

  14. Well, at least in the end you passed. Congratulations! 🙂
    But if you think Malaysia is though, you should know that only CHANGING from your country’s license to a japan one is much worst!

    I heard from a friend, he took more than TEN times, but still failed! In the end, if your tester in not strict, than I think anyone can pass easily.

    Anyway, insyaAllah I will try to write about Khalid bin Al-Walid after this, but it will take some time.

  15. ni kire lmbt la bce cte ni…tp tahap kebosanan yg maksimum, buatkn den jln lebih km sket kali ni ngehehe….

    tp mmg lwk…kg awk or pakcik tu yg illiterate sbnrnye? sbb pakcik tu pn msih lg d takuk yg lama (xthu yg org skrg ni majoriti da literate) hoho…tp thanks kt pakcik, yg penting LULUS!

    cte lesen kete sy???
    stlh dipendekkan :
    1. punya la semangat tekan hon kt bhgn tengah stereng, tp xbunyi2…rupanya hon kete tu kat tepi stereng (gedebushhh…wat muke sposen smbil sengeh2)
    2. nk jln, tp xjln2…gear 1 xmasuk….(pehhh…1st impression yg sangat mengecewakan)

    note : tp LULUS ngehehehe…..skrg siap drift lg (klo bkn mak yg jd penumpang la hohoho)

  16. […] aku. Ada hati pulak tu pak cik tempat lesen memandu itu ingatkan aku buta huruf! (Sila rujuk entri ‘The Driving Test and I’) Tapi sebab lulus lesen memandu, tak mengapa, pak cik dimaafkan. Di bawah adalah sajak tersebut. […]

  17. salam

    hehe, soo funny. sian org pdg rengas kalo btul pakcik tu sangka mcm tu.
    mayb pakcik tu asal dr pdg rengas kot..sbb tu dia luluskan luqman tuk amik test sbb sangka sekampung hehe
    fatin pun amik lesen pas spm. alhamdulillah lulus. tp xbestnyer, mase nak amik exam dulu, syarat kene pakai kasut sukan. sampai skrg xfaham nape mest kene pakai kasut sukan tuk amik exam! tak sure kalo tempat lain mcm mane. bayangkan la b’kasut sukan dgn baju kurung!!
    …sebabnyer xtahu syarat tu. jd b4 amik exam kene pakai kasut sukan yg dorang sediakan. fed-up btul time tu tp alhamdulillah, lulus jg hehe

  18. hmm..nothing bout driving license story..erm..that day i was drving back to subang..thanx to the great torture our lecturer put on us..we ends up really worn out that at 1st i think i was really fresh to drive home frm uia..

    so to cut it short..while i was driving back home, the traffic in ldp is soo horrible that i drove 40 je speed limit n i didnt realize when i actually fell asleep..the next thing i know is dat i felt a hard bump n tbgn..tgk2 cam i da langgar divider..shocked..mata terbukak luas.. i didnt stop to check on the car..but i kept on driving smpi lah kat subang..sume sbb d road still jam..nsb baik kete depan tu jauh gile..

    bile smpi subang..i stopped at care4 to check on the car, n to my surprise..nothing happened to the car..i always hated the car sbb panjang sgt..(i’m using the old saga megavalve tu)..

    thank god nothing happened to me..but, klaka gak la teringat my mum used to say my car tu ‘kereta tin milo’ n i actually laugh out loud when she said dat..tgk2..’kereta tin milo’ tu yg save my life..

    hehe..i dnt think what i share wif u guys is share gak..hahaha..

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